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About Us



Serenity Book Shop, LLC was born from a very special place. I had the vision that was placed on my heart to open Serenity book shop after major transformations in my life.  Being a writer it has always been my dream to open a bookshop. To provide a healing,  relaxing, calming, and educational place for my tribe to experience all while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Serenity Book Shop is a very unique all-you-need book shop. Our store is a very serene shop where you will be able to read, work, or study in a nice calm environment with relaxing music. You can purchase books, and store memorabilia like coffee mugs, journals, T-Shirts, and bookmarks. You can also buy small plants and purchase metaphysical items as well, such as candles, incense, crystals, sage, etc.

Our customers are family that encompasses a wide variety of individuals from young to older, to those that are on a healing and transformation journey, to plant lovers, coffee and tea lovers, book lovers, and those that incorporate spiritual tools to assist them on their spiritual journey. 

We are here not only to build and give back to the community but to provide a safe space for those that need a platform, a voice, a place where book lovers can host book club events, and so much more!

A community without a bookshop is like a body without a heart and Serenity Book Shop is here to bring the heart back to the community!